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When Miami-based makeup artist Amy was told to stop wearing so much makeup, she didn't step away from the highlighter and lipstick. She actually added even more makeup as a clapback to commenters. Her epic response on Instagram included a dramatic winged eyeliner and thick, dark brows framing a multi-color drawing of the word "nope." We definitely understand her sentiments. Makeup shaming is just as real as body shaming. Either you're wearing too much makeup, or you're not wearing enough. So, you might as well do exactly what makes you happy.

Amy isn't the only makeup artist that has stood up to internet trolls. Twitter user Wybie put negative commenters in their place with her own clever makeup look. Wybie used blue glitter to create faux tears. Underneath her photo she explained, "How I cry when people tell me, 'You wear too much makeup.'" There was also an entire challenge that clapped back at makeup shamers. Participants in the #PowerOfMakeup challenge posed with one side of their face bare and the other covered in makeup. The movement proved that makeup is a choice. You can wear as little or as much makeup as you want. Keep scrolling to see some of the impressive photos.

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