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You’ve been doing your makeup since you were a teenager, right?

You probably can’t remember how it all started or where you bought your first lipstick from. In fact, you most likely can’t recall anyone teaching you how to do your makeup at all.

According to a study done by YWCA USA, women in the United States spend around $7 billion on cosmetics each year. There’s no denying women are buying and using makeup, but quite a small amount of them were ever properly taught how to do it.

If you’re starting to get fed up with your same old makeup routine, and Kylie Jenner’s Instagram selfies make you want to re-vamp your entire cosmetic bag, here are some tips to help you seriously step up your makeup game this year:

1. Line those lips.

Ladies, don’t be scared of lip liner.

I know you are probably envisioning those super dark lines that look like you just drank a glass of chocolate milk, but it doesn’t have to be like that!

If done right, liner can make your lips appear fuller and more defined, all while helping your lipstick stay longer and prevent it from bleeding.

Lead cosmetic artist for MAC, Gisel Calvillo, suggests putting a more natural color liner on the lips to make them appear their biggest.

Celebrity makeup artist, Melanie Inglessis, suggests using a dark lip liner to define the bow and the middle of the bottom lip before blending it with a lighter color.

2. Use a spoolie for your brows.

What’s a spoolie, you ask? It’s basically a hair brush for your eyebrows.

Groomed brows are quite the trend these days, and those using spoolies are ahead of the game.

Essentially, these little wands look similar to mascara and are used to evenly disperse color and keep stray hairs in check.

Many eyebrow pencils come with a built in spoolie so you have everything you need to get the greatest brow.

According to, some of the best brow buys are Lancôme Le Crayon Poudre and Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brow Pencil.

3. Get the right tools.

The tools of the trade are what will really step up your makeup game.

Forget about using your fingers and the occasional Q-tip. If you want your makeup to look professional, you are going to need the right supplies.

If you are ready to stock up, some essentials include:

– Lip brush
– Flat eyebrow brush
– Precision angle brush
– Blush brush
– Small blending brush
– Concealer brush
– Foundation brush
– Fluffy powder brush

4. It’s all about the contour.

Contouring is all of the rage these days.

It seems that all the celebrities are doing it, and the topic in general can be seen trending all over the internet. Once reserved for photo shoots and runway models, real women are learning the tricks of the trade.

In a nut shell, contouring is enhancing the facial structure and giving shape to areas of the face by using makeup.

According to this article by Teen Vogue, contouring is easy, and they actually lay it out for you step by step.

5. Get the lighting right.

The right lighting is an essential ingredient in how well your makeup turns out.

If the lighting is too dark, what you think is perfectly done foundation could actually look horrific when exposed to bright light. Similarly, if your mirror isn’t magnified enough, you could be missing out on your makeup’s true potential.

Have you ever noticed the light bulb encrusted makeup mirrors that are depicted backstage in Hollywood films? They are there for a reason, and that is to provide the best light possible for getting makeup and hair perfectly right.

According to an article by Style Caster, LED bulbs work the best for makeup, and adding a tool like a Hollywood Mirror to your makeup area would help immensely.

6. Use complimentary colors on your eyes.

Your eyes are kind of like the centerpiece of your face, and making them stand out can change your whole look.

When it comes to eye shadow, using colors that are opposite of your eye color will actually make them stand out more.

If you want to make your eye color pop….

Blue eyes: Anything with orange will make your blue eyes pop. Peach, gold, apricot and anything with an orange undertone is best.

Brown eyes: Almost any color will work well with brown, but purple and blue make them stand out the most.

Green eyes: Colors with red undertones will make green eyes pop. Try shades that have some wine or plum coloring to them.

7. Take a makeup class.

Sure, YouTube is full of makeup tutorials that you can watch for free, and that is fantastic.

However, if you want to really learn the tricks of the trade and find out what works best for your unique face, taking a makeup class could really be worth the time and money.

Sit and take notes as a professional shows you what to use and how to use it in order to look your most beautiful.

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