How to Do Your Eye Makeup for Photos -


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We're all for anything that will make us look better in pictures. Especially when throwing on our favorite golden butterfly Snapchat filter isn't an option — seriously, why won't Snapchat just make that a permanent thing? If you've noticed your eye makeup — sans filters — isn't doing anything to give you bigger, more defined eyes in photos, listen up.

Despite all of the makeup news overload that honestly has even us confused as to what you should actually be doing to look your best, upping your selfie game isn't as complicated as you might be thinking. To simplify the process, we turned to Melissa Murdick, makeup artist to Selena Gomez, and Allan Avendano, who works with celebs like Olivia Holt and Lucy Hale. Sharing their best eye-enhancing tricks they've perfected on photo shoots, red carpets and sold-out arenas, the secrets to faking wide-awake, doe-like eyes are right this way.

Lighten and brighten.

First thing's first, you need to eliminate any dark circles under your eyes. Whether you're sleep-deprived from an exam study sesh or you won the genetic lottery and inherited your dark circles.