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We all love a good sheen, but there is such a thing as highlighter overload.

The stunning starlet walking down the red carpet? Gorgeous. The walking bike reflector? Not so much.

Luckily, there's an industry trick you can use to get that subtle, summer-perfect glow: go out of order! If you're using a high-sheen illuminator, apply it on to skin before your foundation. This will take the intensity down a notch but still give you that lit-from-within look, advised Milk Makeup artist Nathan Gamboa.

The perfect product to do this with? The recently released yet super futuristic Holographic Stick.

Instead of the typical golden pigment of most illuminators, this product promises an iridescent, silvery-lavender-like sheen. (Read: You can have a lot of fun with it.)

However, if you are looking for that high-voltage effect, there are plenty ways to go about it.

"To apply over a full-coverage foundation, rub your finger directly onto the product and tap onto the skin rather than sweeping it directly on the skin," added Milk Makeup expert Istvan Hrichak.

You can also swipe it on your lips, alone or on top of a bold shade, or use it under or over eye shadow.

Stellar, we know.