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Caitlyn Jenner (Photo: Getty Images)

Even Caitlyn Jenner hits a rough patch once in a while. The former Olympian-turned-trans-activist has had a rough couple of days this week. First, she lost a dear friend: Charles T. Aaron, a famed helicopter pilot, died suddenly in a motorcycle accident.

“Sad day yesterday,” Caitlyn shared on Instagram on Wednesday. “My good friend Charles lost his life on Sunday. My prayers go out to his father @chuckpaaron who lost his best friend.” The reality star accompanied her sentiments with a collage of snapshots of the memorial service, complete with unformed men, helicopters, and bright blue skies.

For his part, Charles’s father, Chuck Aaaron, shared his own sweet photo from the event with the caption, “My son’s last flight (here on earth). He was such a gentle giant AND my best friend! I love you Charles! You will be in my thoughts everyday for the rest of my life. I was so proud of you!”

Then on Wednesday, reports surfaced that Caitlyn’s relationship with her three step-daughters — Kourtney, Khloé, and Kim Kardashian — was “strained” because of the fact that Caitlyn never formally (or adequately) apologized to the girls for comments she made about their mother, Kris Jenner, in a Vanity Fair article last year.

Specifically, Khloé (who had the hardest time with Caitlyn’s transition) is said to be put out by the aftermath of her former step-father’s big reveal. “Khloé is scorned and they never had a real resolution after their initial fight after the Vanity Fair article, nor after the fight resulting from the Howard Stern interview,” the source told Us. (ICYMI, during an interview with the shock jock, Khloé said that Caitlyn hadn’t been honest with her mother about his transition.)

But it sounds like Kim and Kourtney have also cooled toward Cait. “Kim is not as close to Caitlyn anymore; she was after she first transitioned, but as things came out and Caitlyn stayed unapologetic, the relationship got more and more strained,” the insider reported before noting that Kim’s loyalty lies with her mother. “Because of how things played out with Bruce and Caitlyn, she is reluctant to have a serious relationship with Caitlyn.” As for Kourtney, the source said she simply “doesn’t really get involved.”

A source shared similar insight with People, saying, “Things aren’t going great with Caitlyn. The way she threw Kris under the bus so badly [in the Vanity Fair cover story last June] made the girls so mad. Khloé still isn’t in a good place with her and hasn’t really forgiven her. The whole situation made them so close to their mom.”

It’s probably worth noting that none of the three social media maven sisters bothered to give Cait a shout-out on Father’s Day (though Caitlyn’s biological daughters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, both did). Instead, Kourtney and Kim honored their late father, Robert Kardashian Sr., in posts — and the slight didn’t go unnoticed.

Sixty-six-year-old Caitlyn took to Snapchat to share her grievances, posting a pic of Kylie, whom she called her “favorite” daughter. “Ok, there it is, my favourite daughter right now!” Caitlyn declared. “Why? Because it’s Father’s Day and she’s the only one who invited me over.”

For her part, Kris Jenner did share a picture collage which included (among others) Caitlyn, but still, this was a far cry from last Father’s Day, when Cait was showered with love on social media and went off-roading with a gaggle of folks from the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

“Happy Father’s Day!!“ Kris gushed to all of the dads (not just Cait). “We love you, and we are forever grateful for the unconditional love, guidance and support you have given my kids and grandkids. Wishing all the dads out there a happy Father’s Day!!”

In a final (albeit milder) blow, Caitlyn’s highly anticipated Sports Illustrated cover is still waiting release. After an initial flurry of internet chatter about how Caitlyn would be posing wrapped in an American flag but otherwise nude (which turned out not to be true, according to SI), the release date for the story was pushed back to make space for an issue dedicated to Muhammad Ali. As of now, the new release date for Jenner’s SI cover hasn’t been made public.